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When it comes to attracting more customers and ensuring that your products are enticing and in demand, you need top-notch audio, video, and lighting systems that stay true to your brand. These integrations don’t just need to be there, but they need to be part of the customer experience.

To achieve this kind of system, you need electronic integration solutions. It’s how you get interactive and attractive displays that highlight the best features of your product. So, is electronic integration something that your local handyman can do? Or is this process something that needs expert help? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Electronic Integration? Alignment of Technologies With Business Processes

In a general sense, electronic integration is the alignment of technology with business processes to create a better user or shopper experience and increase sales. It’s simply leveraging the latest innovations to help companies provide enhanced services, improve their workflow, streamline their supply chain, and so on.

Many clients think that electronic integration is the same as digital integration, and they are indeed similar. However, the latter is more concerned with digital processes as opposed to physical integrations. Digital integration focuses on electronic data, in short. This process involves the creation of XML schema, installation of a database, and other high-level solutions. Of course, these processes aren’t something that your local handyman can work on unless they have specific services for it.

What we’re talking about when we say electronic integration is the creation of electronic systems for your business processes, from inventory and logistics to display and sales. For example, we at FELBRO Displays focus on creating custom point-of-purchase (P-O-P) displays. These products need electronic integration to become more interactive and appealing to customers.

Using technologies enabled by electronic integration, you can create a better experience for your customers. These systems also nurture a more productive work environment for your employees and eventually, increase your sales.

Why is Electronic Integration Needed?

Having working audio, visual, and lighting systems in your store or establishment has become essential in the contemporary era. People expect these integrations from businesses. In addition, these systems enhance P-O-P displays in ways that you just can’t get from a plain old shelf. Here are some other reasons why you should have electronic integrations on your P-O-P displays.

Makes Your Displays Interactive

One of the time-tested ways to get customers to purchase a product is if they can see, touch, or interact with it. People are more likely to buy the item if they’ve tested how it works and learned more about its features and special functionalities. One way to incorporate interactive qualities into your displays is with electronic systems.

You can add HD touch screens that customers can tap or swipe to see how products are used. Audio systems also help customers listen to the uses or quality of a product, especially items like TVs, speaker systems, and headphones. As long as they’re interacting with the product, they can verify the quality and become more inclined to make a purchase.

Helps Improve Branding

At the most basic level, you can add some visual elements to your P-O-P displays to add some branding identity to these shelves. However, electronic integrations can bring your branding message to the next level.

You can start simple with LED lights colored according to your brand’s color motif. However, some companies that manufacture premier P-O-P displays can customize your shelves as much as you want during the design stage. You can add screens that show your logo, speakers that play music or messages, and other electronic integrations that highlight your brand identity.

Informs and Engages Customers

Aside from allowing customer-product interaction, electronic integration helps inform people about the features of products. Companies like FELBRO Displays can design and install shelves that have video systems, tablets, keyboards, and barcode scanning components that allow customers to learn more about an item.

There are plenty of ways to modify P-O-P displays so they provide an engaging and informative experience to customers. It will be up to you and the company you’ll work with to come up with creative ways of conveying product information and features.

Streamlines Business Processes

There are many ways electronic integrations can make business processes more efficient. In particular, the retail industry can leverage P-O-P displays with audio and video systems to handle things like:

  • Product Demos and Information
  • Inventory Checks/Availability
  • Lead Generation

Can Anyone Input Electronic Integration? Can the Local Handyman or the Store Manager?

Electronic Integration

Now, to the question that we posed at the beginning: can a local handyman, or even your store manager, take care of your electronic integration needs? Will they be able to add the right components and circuitry to create an interactive and appealing P-O-P display? The answer is yes, they can — for small integrations, that is. A handyman can install simple LED lights or add hidden speakers. However, their capabilities are limited. They may not be able to handle more complex jobs.

For more large-scale electronic integration projects, you need the services and support of experts like FELBRO Displays. Companies like us are equipped with the skills and supplies to upgrade your P-O-P displays and add the integrations you want. Our company, in particular, can create custom P-O-P shelves that already have electronic integrations built-in.

One other aspect that handymen won’t be able to handle is establishment-wide electronic integration. This large scope may need internet-of-things (I0T) connections within your local network, which a store manager or handyman will not be skilled to handle.

Finally, electronic integration is more than just adding new components to existing P-O-P displays. You also need to ensure that the new features and workflows provide a meaningful, safe, and easy experience to customers. These qualities are not usually guaranteed if you’re working with general professionals who’ve only worked on small-scale projects in the past.

There’s also the demand for consistent branding, which may be difficult to execute if you work with your local handyman. A more established P-O-P display specialist company can create and add the right integrations to address these challenges. The crew will know how to design systems that stay true to your branding, from the color of the lights to the content on the device screens.

How Can You Find an Electronic Integration Expert?

Are you planning to upgrade your P-O-P displays with electronic integrations? If the project is small, you may opt for your local handyman’s help. However, more systemic upgrades or changes will demand a more specialized team to ensure successful implementation.

Finding an electronic integration company may seem difficult at first, but businesses that offer custom P-O-P shelves usually also offer electronic integration. A simple Google search for words like “electronic integration inc” will yield substantial results. You can also take advantage of your local network to find nearby companies offering this type of service.

Contact FELBRO Displays, Your Local Electronic Integration Company!

If you’re looking for a trusted and established company that offers premier electronic integration solutions, turn to FELBRO Displays. We’re a leading designer and direct manufacturer of custom P-O-P displays, but our offerings don’t end there. Aside from engineering, fabricating, and delivering these products, we can upgrade your existing shelves with new, more functional integrations.

We can procure the parts needed for a smooth transition to your new P-O-P shelves, including:

  • Surface Mount
  • Circuitry
  • LCD Media Players
  • LED Lighting
  • Windows PC Kiosks
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Digital Audio Systems (WAV, FLAC, MP3)
  • Android-Based Audio and Video Systems
  • And more!

Thanks to our longevity in the industry, we’re familiar with the best solutions for each specific industry. We can act as your consultants that guide you through the process and provide suggestions about the best type of integration to use for your particular need or branding identity. That way, you can get upgrades that increase sell-through while remaining true to what makes you unique as a company. Your sleek, attractive, and highly interactive P-O-P displays will attract more customers and by extension, increase your sales.

Reach out to us and let us know about your electronic integration needs, and we can start planning the perfect solution. Fill out out Contact Us form or Call us on: (800) 7-FELBRO

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