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Welcome to Felbro Displays – your premier partner for comprehensive retail product presentation solutions. Rooted in a legacy of excellence, Felbro Displays seamlessly integrates design, manufacturing, and logistics to elevate your brand’s retail presence. With a state-of-the-art production facility in the U.S. and an expansive production network in China, we offer a truly global foundation for crafting exceptional marketing displays.

Our proficiency and seasoned expertise in working with a diverse range of permanent materials ensure that your in-store marketing initiatives are not confined to any singular path. Embrace the boundless possibilities of innovative product showcases with Felbro Displays – where creativity knows no bounds.

Comprehensive Design and Manufacturing Expertise

Felbro Displays boasts a comprehensive range of capabilities that span the entire spectrum of product display solutions. From the initial concept to the final implementation, the company stands as a reliable partner in creating custom displays that resonate with the essence of each brand. Its prowess in designing, manufacturing, and providing end-to-end solutions underscores its dedication to delivering unparalleled results to clients worldwide.

Customizing Product Displays with Infinite Possibilities

Felbro Displays takes pride in offering limitless possibilities for custom retail product displays. The company’s creative team excels in devising solutions that seamlessly integrate with a brand’s identity and product offerings. From concept to creation, Felbro Displays takes into account the unique requirements of each brand to craft retail displays that are not only visually captivating but also strategically effective in attracting and engaging customers.

Discover Our Product Display Services

Felbro Displays provides an array of product display services designed to meet the diverse needs of brands in the retail display from POP displays and window displays to standalone displays and store shelving displays. Our range of POP displays includes:

Countertop Displays: Elevate small-scale products to new heights by placing them at eye level, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Floor Standing Displays: Make a bold statement with freestanding displays strategically positioned throughout your store, guiding customers to your featured products.

End Cap Displays: Transform high-traffic end cap spaces into dynamic showcases that draw customers’ attention and spark their curiosity.

Interactive Displays: Harness the power of technology with interactive displays that allow customers to explore your products in unique and engaging ways.

Hanging Displays: Utilize overhead space effectively with hanging displays that create visual interest from various angles.

Pallet Displays: Optimize space and logistics with pallet displays that efficiently present bulk quantities of products, encouraging swift and convenient purchases.

Customized Designs: Collaborate with our experienced team to craft bespoke POP displays that align seamlessly with your brand identity and product aesthetics.

These services encompass a range of elements that ensure your products receive the spotlight they deserve.

Design and Engineering Excellence

The design and engineering team at Felbro Displays brings visions to life. Through a blend of creativity and technical precision, they craft display solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective. Every detail, from layout to materials, is meticulously considered to ensure that the final product aligns seamlessly with the brand’s vision.

Immersive Experiences with Electronic Integration

Felbro Displays excels in integrating electronic components into retail displays, creating immersive experiences that captivate customers. By seamlessly merging technology and aesthetics, the company elevates product displays to an interactive level, enriching the shopper’s journey and driving engagement.

Material Versatility for Tailored Displays

The company’s dedication to customization extends to material options. Felbro Displays offers a diverse array of materials, allowing for the creation of retail displays that resonate with a brand’s aesthetic, visual merchandising strategy, and product characteristics. This versatility ensures that each display is a true representation of the brand it represents.

Manufacturing Expertise for Flawless Execution

Felbro Displays’ manufacturing capabilities are marked by precision and quality. With state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled team, the company ensures that every retail display or POP display is crafted to perfection. The seamless transition from design to production guarantees that the envisioned product becomes a tangible reality.

Global Reach and Seamless Implementation

With a global perspective, Felbro Displays delivers its solutions to clients around the world. The company’s commitment to seamless implementation means that clients can trust in the reliability and consistency of its services, regardless of location.

Consistent Brand Programs

Felbro Displays takes a holistic approach to product displays by creating consistent brand programs. These programs ensure that each display aligns with the overarching brand recognition, fostering a cohesive and memorable customer experience and increasing sales.

Contact Us for All Kinds of Custom Retail Displays

At Felbro Displays, we thrive on bringing your brand to life through world-class retail displays. With our expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence, we’re here to elevate your retail store. Reach out to us today at 925-586-6244 to explore the possibilities and transform your product displays into captivating works of art.

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    Design / Engineering

    Work with our in-house design team to conceptualize and engineer world class retail displays.

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    Electronic Integration

    Create interactive and connected experiences at retail with integrated audio, video, LED lights and more.

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    Material Options

    We work with multiple permanent materials including metal, wood, plastic, glass, print and electronics.

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    Felbro produces and manufactures custom display programs in our own factories based in the US as well as in China with our own team on the Ground.

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    We handle all aspects of global shipping, distribution and warehouse programs. Plus we have world class partners to assist with installation, merchandising, and servicing needs on-site.

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    Brand Programs

    Learn how we can build a modular family of displays for a consistent and on Brand retail presence at Retail.


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