Felbro Displays covers all aspects of presenting products at retail. Our ability to design and manufacture in our own factory in the U.S. as well as producing in China provides your company a foundation for global production and logistics. With our ability and experience working with all types of permanent materials, your in-store marketing program will never be locked down to any single option. There are no limitations to what we can create.

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    Design / Engineering

    Work with our in-house design team to conceptualize and engineer world class retail displays.

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    Electronic Integration

    Create interactive and connected experiences at retail with integrated audio, video, LED lights and more.

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    Material Options

    We work with multiple permanent materials including metal, wood, plastic, glass, print and electronics.

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    Felbro produces and manufactures custom display programs in our own factories based in the US as well as in China with our own team on the Ground.

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    We handle all aspects of global shipping, distribution and warehouse programs. Plus we have world class partners to assist with installation, merchandising, and servicing needs on-site.

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    Brand Programs

    Learn how we can build a modular family of displays for a consistent and on Brand retail presence at Retail.


We're dedicated to working hand-in-hand with you to develop a practical, functional and eye-catching P-O-P design for your product. Contact Felbro to get started today.

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