At FELBRO Displays, we represent the epitome of where industry expertise, spanning over 75 years, meets innovation in design and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our wooden display stands aren’t just functional pieces; they are carefully crafted to resonate with your marketing objectives, evoke emotional connections, and captivate your audience effectively.

With manufacturing capabilities in both the United States and China, we offer a global reach, ensuring that our display stands find their way to various markets far and wide. Our target audience includes:

  • Clients who seek quality-driven retail solutions
  • Clients who seek effectively marketed retail solutions
  • Clients who seek aesthetically compelling retail solutions

Exploring the Materials

At FELBRO Displays, we take pride in utilizing all available permanent materials, effectively focusing on the best options for design, creativity, and processes tailored for you, our valued customer. We put the spotlight on your marketing message and the emotional experience that will drive the most sales and success for you.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our choice of materials, from metals to plastics and woods. This versatility allows us to create unique and effective display solutions, ensuring that each stand not only meets your functional requirements but also exudes the aesthetic appeal that resonates with the brand it represents.

Metal Materials and Processes

At FELBRO Displays, we leverage a variety of metal materials in crafting our display stands. The diverse range of materials includes:

  • Wire
  • Sheet Metal
  • Tubing
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum

This variety of materials offers flexibility in design and functionality, making the most of the available space.

The metal processes employed by FELBRO Displays are equally diverse, including techniques like:

  • Extrusion
  • Shear
  • CNC Punch
  • Press Breaks up to 10′
  • Punch Press
  • Mig Welding
  • Tig Welding
  • Spot Welding
  • No limit to shapes and sizes
  • Laser Cutting
  • Water Jet
  • Powder Coating
  • Plating
  • Direct Printing

These processes ensure that there is no limit to shapes and sizes, allowing for the creation of bespoke designs that perfectly fit the needs of each client.

Wood Materials and Processes

At FELBRO Displays, we embrace the beauty and versatility of wood, employing a range of wood materials in our creations. These materials include:

  • Naturals
  • Laminates
  • Melamine
  • MDF
  • Slatwall
  • Particle Board
  • Sunflower with sun life maids in Arizona
  • Wheat

Each material offers unique characteristics that contribute to the overall aesthetics and performance of the display stands.

In terms of wood processes, FELBRO Displays employs techniques such as:

  • CNC Routing
  • FabricationFinishing
  • Painting
  • High-Pressure Laminate
  • Edge Banding
  • T-Moulding
  • Direct Printing

These processes ensure that each wooden display stand is crafted to perfection, reflecting the stand’s function as both a marketing and organizational tool in the world of wooden displays. Don’t forget to check the quality of the display stand before use.

Plastic Materials and Processes

At FELBRO Displays, we use the following plastic materials in our creations:

  • Sheet, Rod, Tube, and Film
  • Acrylics
  • Styrene
  • PETG
  • ABS
  • Komatex

The plastic processes used include:

  • Sheet Routing
  • Heat Bending
  • Solvent Cementing
  • Direct Printing
  • Vacuum Form and Distortion Print
  • Injection Molding
  • Rotation Molding

These processes enable FELBRO Displays to produce display stands with unique shapes and features, enhancing their visual appeal and functionality.


Electronic components play a vital role in display stands, enhancing their functionality to offer a more engaging experience for customers. At FELBRO Displays, we integrate the following electronic components into our display stands.

  • WAV, Uncompressed Audio Players
  • Digital Video Players
  • Digital Video and Audio Player
  • Video from DVD quality to 4k
  • Integrated LED Lighting from standard to custom color combinations


At FELBRO Displays, we employ printing techniques like:

  • Digital
  • Silk Screen
  • Lithography

to create visually stunning displays. These printing methods allow us to produce display stands with vibrant, high-quality graphics that effectively communicate the brand’s message. The use of different printing techniques also provides a variety of options to choose from, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the client.

Functionality at its Finest

At FELBRO Displays, our wooden stands are not just aesthetically appealing; they are designed with functionality in mind. The stands include removable cases, baskets, or boxes for flexibility in display, and these can be customized in size and shape.

Our stands are engineered to balance visual appeal with practicality, facilitating easy restocking of products and enhancing visibility. Some models come equipped with casters, making it easier for retailers to move the displays around stores or change layouts as needed. The use of sturdy construction techniques like soldering further augments the design and functionality of the stands.

Durability Assessment

When it comes to durability, FELBRO’s wooden display stands shine. Thanks to the robustness of wood, these stands are inherently strong, and capable of supporting heavy products without damage.

The durability and longevity of these stands are positively influenced by the use of high-quality hardwoods and durable finishes.

To extend the service life of these stands, it is important to:

  • Regularly clean the stands to remove dust and debris
  • Inspect the stands for any signs of damage or wear
  • Repair any minor damages promptly to prevent further deterioration

By following these maintenance practices, you can significantly extend the service life of these stands.

Elevate Your Display with FELBRO Displays: Invest in Quality and Long-Term Durability

At FELBRO Displays, we offer a good balance of price and quality, justifying the investment in terms of our long-term durability.

Whether you’re a retailer looking for a captivating display stand or a brand aiming to create an emotional connection with your audience, we stand out as a trusted partner. With our global reach, we are capable of shipping our products from the US or China, ensuring that our display stands find their way to your doorstep, no matter where you are. Call us or partner with FELBRO Displays for unbeatable display solutions and unparalleled service.


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