Electronic Integration

Electronic Integration

At Felbro Displays, we don’t just create displays; we breathe life into retail environments through state-of-the-art, electronic display industry integration. Our mastery in blending audio, video, and lighting technologies transforms standard retail spaces into dynamic brand experiences. Since 1945, we’ve been pioneering solutions that captivate and engage, guiding customers through a memorable journey and ultimately enhancing purchase decisions.

Our Diverse Electronic Technologies Portfolio

Our portfolio boasts a wide array of electronic technologies, including:

  • LCD Media Players
  • Digital Audio Systems (WAV, FLAC, MP3)
  • LCD / Digital PCM/WAV Audio Systems
  • Standard and HD Video Players
  • Android-Based Connected Video Systems
  • Android-Based Quad Core Tablets
  • 4k Capabilities
  • Windows PC Kiosks
  • LED Lighting
  • Bar Code Scanners – for Video and Audio Interaction
  • Digital Camera
  • All systems interactive to drive customer use
  • Content Creation

These tools are integral in creating interactive and engaging retail experiences that not only draw attention but also foster deeper customer-brand connections.

 LCD Media Players

Our LCD media players are designed to deliver rich, vibrant visual content, elevating product displays and strengthening brand presence. We have a track record of successful implementations where these electronic displays have been pivotal in transforming retail environments.

Digital Audio Systems

We embrace various digital audio formats like WAV, FLAC, and MP3 to create immersive soundscapes in retail settings. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating audio into displays, contributing to an enriching shopping experience.

Video Players and 4k Capabilities

Our standard and HD video players, including growing 4k capabilities, are essential in delivering high-resolution content. These displays captivate customers, making every interaction with the whole product line a memorable one.

Android-Based Systems

We leverage Android-based systems, including connected video systems and quad-core tablets, for dynamic and customizable displays. This platform’s flexibility allows for innovative retail applications that resonate with tech-savvy customers.

Windows PC Kiosks

Our Windows PC kiosks offer interactive experiences, providing customization and flexibility in content delivery. These kiosks are powerful tools for engaging customers and enhancing their shopping journey.

LED Lighting

LED (light emitting diode) lighting plays a critical role in our displays, enhancing their visual appeal and creating an inviting atmosphere by displaying alphabetical and numeric information. The dynamic use of lighting can transform a retail or industrial space into an enticing brand haven.

Interactive Tools: Bar Code Scanners and Cameras

We incorporate interactive tools like barcode scanners for enhanced video and audio interaction and digital cameras for specialized applications. These tools offer innovative ways to engage customers and provide them with a unique shopping experience.

Content Creation

At Felbro Displays, we excel in creating compelling content for electronic displays. Our approach ensures that each piece of content is engaging and aligns perfectly with the brand’s message and goals.

Elevate Your Retail Presence with Felbro Displays’ Expert Electronic Integration

Choosing Felbro Displays for electronic integration means opting for a partner who understands the nuances of retail marketing. Our problem-solving approach and dedication to creating remarkable experiences set us apart, helping brands stand out in a competitive landscape.

Ready to transform your retail space with our innovative electronic integration solutions? Contact Felbro Displays today for a consultation and let us help you make your brand unforgettable.


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