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In 1945, brothers Joe and Oscar Feldner established Felbro Displays in a small building in Los Angeles where they manufactured wire lampshade frames for local lamp companies. Their combination of quality products and excellent customer service quickly grew a customer base and a growing demand for their services.

In the late 1950s, Joe’s sons, Bob and Norman, joined the business with a bold vision for its future. These two young men saw the opportunity in the growing point-of-purchase display and retail store display industry and steered the company in that direction. By the 1960s, their vision came to fruition and Felbro Displays was building wire and tubular displays for the grocery and cosmetics industries.

Each successive year saw continued growth in sales, manufacturing capabilities, and infrastructure. By the 1980’s the third generation, led by Howard and Jeff, had begun to add designers, engineers, technology experts, an expansive list of material options, and logistics, further establishing name and expertise in the industry.

A Legacy of Quality and Customer Service

Central to Felbro Displays establishment is an enduring dedication to impeccable artisanship and remarkable client assistance. This distinct fusion of principles has played a pivotal role in propelling the enterprise’s expansion and forging robust client connections. Our comprehensive array includes a wide range of retail display fixtures, all available for purchase at appealing wholesale rates. This collection spans from enhancements for visual merchandising and sign holders to versatile apparel racks and beyond. Through unwaveringly providing superb commodities and nurturing sincere customer service, Felbro Displays has not solely broadened its customer base but has also cemented its stature as a dependable and exceptional retail collaborator.

A Global Full-Service Point-of-Purchase Company

Presently, Felbro Displays stands as a global leader in the point-of-purchase industry. The company’s design and custom direct manufacturing capabilities span across the United States and Asia. With over 70 years of experience, Felbro Displays’ expertise has matured, enabling the company to transform retail spaces with inventive, impactful, and immersive displays and clothing racks that engage and captivate customers.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Innovation and excellence are at the heart of Felbro Displays’ ethos. The company’s commitment to offering a diverse range of material options underscores its dedication to meeting unique client needs. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, Felbro Displays creates displays that not only captivate shoppers’ attention but also leave a lasting impression and increase sales. This unyielding commitment to quality and innovation sets Felbro Displays apart as an industry benchmark.

Our Values and Mission

At Felbro, values shape the journey. The core tenets include an unwavering dedication to quality, the unceasing pursuit of customer satisfaction, and the ability to provide creative solutions for the retail environment. Felbro Displays’ mission is to craft exceptional retail store displays that not only enhance visual appeal but also drive brand success and grab customer attention. As part of its broader vision, Felbro Displays also engages in sustainability initiatives and community involvement, aligning its values with a positive impact.

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