High-End Retail Displays

There is a lot that can be said about your brand and the items you sell by the way they are displayed visually in your brick-and-mortar stores. A well-designed retail environment is crucial to attracting and retaining customers, and the right store fixtures play a major role. You need to create an atmosphere that not only pleases and even surprises guests but also strongly encourages them to make purchases while remaining unmistakably “on brand.”

However, the high-end goods industry is less clear-cut than the market for everyday necessities. The concepts sold in luxury stores tend to be more abstract, while those for essentials are driven by more practical concerns.

To build a relationship with high-end shoppers, you need high-quality point-of-purchase (POP) retail display materials that accurately show off your brand or product. This article will show you how to use luxury retail displays to boost your company’s standing in the market.

What is Considered a High-End Retail Display?

These days, it’s impossible to go shopping without seeing at least one retail display. To get your product seen in stores, you’ll need luxury retail displays that will set it apart from the competition. These displays help convey the reliability and quality of your brand.

POP displays are typically placed in front of a product or brand in a retail establishment. Highlighting a new product, showcasing a specific item, advertising a deal or sale, or demonstrating the use of a product or service are the most common uses for these types of displays. They are created to catch the eye of passing customers in the hopes that they will buy the featured product. A POP display needs to have the following qualities to be successful:

  • Be simple to read and comprehend
  • Use eye-catching colors to get people’s attention
  • Outshine the competition

When arranging displays for more expensive goods, some retail stores make the error of not taking the price point into account, resulting in a more “discount shop” atmosphere. Here are ways to make a display “high-end:”

Minimalist and Sleek Design

Experts in the field of merchandising believe that the additional breathing room around upscale items in a store accurately conveys the items’ premium nature to passing shoppers.

It’s crucial in high-end and luxury retail to draw attention to certain products. This is why sleek displays with plenty of glass and precise lighting are so popular. Presenting merchandise in minimalist case displays is a common sight in high-end retail.

For example, locking case displays not only safeguard the most precious items, including jewels, accessories, and watches but also signal to customers that the contents are worthy of their undivided attention. Stores selling expensive perfumes and cosmetics where customers want one-on-one service can also benefit from using case displays.

Well-Placed Retail Store Lighting

In addition, lighting fixtures in stores can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and sales. Displays can showcase merchandise better with the help of proper lighting. By itself, a cart can be rather appealing, but when outfitted with lighting, it becomes much more noticeable to customers. Therefore, it’s hard to go wrong with well-lit displays.

Premium Materials for Store Fixtures

Expensive window displays also call for high-end materials from specialized suppliers, like genuine Italian leather or high-quality German paper. Luxury brands also put a premium on using eco-friendly materials for retail displays.

How Does a High-End Retail Display Differ From a Non-High-End Retail Display?

Visual merchandising displays (VMDs) can help shoppers tell the difference between high-end and low-end products by using a variety of cues. Types of lighting fixtures, materials used, and methods of the presentation can all serve as indicators. By incorporating them into your store’s design, you may find that you have an increased number of upscale clients.

Incorporating museum-like or museological display techniques into visual merchandising, such as the art installation style, has been shown to evoke feelings of luxury in the mind of the consumer. That’s why it’s important to think about things like materials and presentation carefully when going for a high-end aesthetic.

Recent studies have shown that using museum-style displays to market high-end goods is an effective way to increase their perceived artistic quality. This effect may be explained by the prestige and intrinsic value associated with conventional museum exhibits. The same principles apply to museum-style visual merchandising displays, making the products appear more expensive and less risky to the buyer.

Research gives more information about what kinds of displays are best for luxury stores. For instance, putting items in an enclosed display cube makes them seem more special. By putting some products on plinths or adding museum-style lighting, you can change how people think about their quality and how many of them there are. This will make spending heavily feel safer.

Here are some of the benefits of using museum-style merchandising displays in high-end retail:

  • Customers make conclusions about the environment. Since these presentation methods are commonly associated with galleries and museums, the impressions they create are meaningful.
  • Having a single product on display makes a statement that the brand being promoted is not mass-produced.
  • The use of a locked case to display merchandise sends a message of the high quality and worth of the items being offered.
  • Value is correlated with authenticity. Museum displays typically feature genuine, historically significant artifacts. Having similar displays for various luxurious goods prompts consumers to make the same association.
  • Large, spacious displays convey an air of prestige, whereas cramped ones give off the impression that the store is geared toward those looking to save money.
  • Shoppers will perceive greater value in your products if you choose heavier, premium display materials. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to replace plastic with marble, glass, metal, and wood.

Here’s a brief break down on the impact of several POS merchandising elements on customers’ impressions of your company:

High-End Retail Displays

  • Fixtures: Cubes, tables, pedestals
  • Materials: Glass, wood, metallic accents
  • Structure: Display cases
  • Organization: Neat sparse, clean, spacious
  • Presentation: Art installation style

Non-High-End Retail Displays

  • Fixtures: Shelves, rails
  • Materials: Plastic, burlap, no metallic accents
  • Structure: Open displays
  • Organization: Dense and crowded, with a limited space
  • Presentation: Non-art installation style

How Long Does it Take to Implement High-End Retail Environments?

Creating eye-catching and impressive high-end store displays requires a lot of effort behind the scenes. Consequently, it is impossible to say how long it will take to set one up. To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve included a little rundown of how we do things at FELBRO Displays:

Assessing Needs and Coming Up With Ideas

We collaborate with retail store owners to learn what they require and expect from our retail display. We also inquire about the company’s branding and revenue targets. With this data in hand, we can begin to sketch out the basic layout of the custom retail display.


We then use our knowledge of marketing and retail to create a unique POP display that will help the store meet its sales targets. However, we’re aware that not every retail space is the same. This is why we try to think outside the box while developing our designs.

Making Models, Then Production

After the designs are complete, our in-house engineering team makes the first prototype displays. Once the displays have gone through a final inspection, we give the go-ahead for production to begin.


After gathering the final products, we deliver them to our customers. To complete the process, our neighboring partner bases set up the finished displays and provide extra maintenance and general merchandising services.

Quality Control After Installation

We will learn how well and how long the displays last as time passes. After the installation is complete, we will inspect the displays and gather any comments or suggestions you may have. Here, we determine the best strategy for improving your store’s display.

Who to Call for a High-End Retail Display

If you are looking for high-end displays that will help your brand stand out in retailers, FELBRO Displays is the only company for you. We offer customized solutions that create upscale, sophisticated and one-of-a-kind retail displays. Because of our flexibility and a huge variety of services, we help businesses to represent themselves accurately and creatively through displays. In addition, we offer a broad variety of design options, guaranteeing that your POS will appear as distinctive as the product it’s promoting.

Our team’s dedication to attention to detail, consistency, and quality across all phases of a project, from planning and design to manufacturing and distribution, is the driving force behind our success in this industry. At FELBRO Displays, we know what it takes to learn the visual style of a brand and then recreate it with materials and craftsmanship, befitting the most prestigious luxury labels in the world.

The Bottomline

In the luxury industry, having a visually appealing display might mean the difference between bringing in a customer and having them go elsewhere. Hopefully, this post was helpful in providing guidance on high-end displays.

If you need more help, we’re right here! We know how to make your brand stand out in a crowd, whether it’s with a pop-up store or a shop sign. Get in touch with us if you need high-end POP displays custom-built just for you.

Give us a call at (800) 7-FELBRO or send us an email at info@felbroddisplays.com.