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There are over a million brick-and-mortar retail establishments in the United States. With so much competition, it can be challenging to attract customers and improve sales in your retail store. For your brand to thrive and stand out, your store needs to have both a practical and aesthetic design. One way you can achieve this is by installing mirror fixtures and displays.

At Felbro Displays, we can help bring these attractive fixtures and displays to your store. Since 1945, we have been designing and manufacturing custom point-of-purchase displays for thousands of happy clients. Contact us at (925) 586-6244 to discuss incorporating mirrors into your retail store’s layout and design.

Retail Store Fixtures and Displays

A retail store is a commercial space dedicated to customer sales. These spaces typically have a variety of retail displays and fixtures to best show off the products. However, there are display regulations and best practices in place to ensure the safety and convenience of all your customers, especially for materials like glass. When attaching mirror fixtures and displays in your store, consider the following factors.

Safety Precautions

Improperly installed or substandard mirrors can easily shatter, which can not only injure customers, but also hamper shop operations. Annually, over two and a half million people sustain injuries from broken glass tables alone.

To avoid these incidents, the mirrors in your retail establishment must be properly installed. Each wall-mounted display needs to be firmly anchored to the wall using appropriate tools and store supplies. Moreover, be mindful of the location of glass and mirror displays. These displays should not be placed in heavy-traffic areas, unless you are certain that they are made from high-quality materials that won’t break easily.

Choose robust materials like tempered or laminated glass that have a lower chance of breaking into shards.


The glass fixtures and displays you put in your retail store need to be properly measured. A fixture that is too large can make your shop look cramped and impact accessibility. Meanwhile, display cases that are too small may not be enough to showcase your merchandise. To avoid these issues, make sure that the measurement of the fixtures and displays you use match the size of your retail shop.

Moreover, install your glass fixtures at a safe and convenient height. Take into account the average height of your target market and use that as a baseline when installing your fixtures.

Layout Techniques

Display cases and merchandising fixtures should be properly positioned to match contemporary trends and maximize their advertising appeal.

Strategically place displays around your store and make sure they adequately highlight the jewelry, clothing, or other products that your business is trying to sell. For your store to exude a modern look and facilitate ease of access, there should be sufficient distance between each of the display cases in your showroom and on your sales floor.

If you don’t know what layout technique to use in your retail shop, our team at Felbro Displays can give you expert advice and recommendations.

Weight for Shelving

Glass and mirror shelves are excellent at showcasing merchandise because of their translucent or reflective surfaces. However, they can fall, break, and shatter when overburdened. To prevent this issue, determine the carrying limit of your glass shelves and make sure that the combined weight of the display items is within that limit.

Moreover, use durable slatwall panels. These panels have horizontal grooves that can be used to mount shelving and other forms of glass fixtures. Aside from holding store fixtures and displays, slatwall panels can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your shop since they come in various styles.

Working With Mirrors in Retail Stores

Unlike wood, concrete, and metal, mirrors are relatively fragile and contain unique properties that make them superior at promoting merchandise. Take the following factors into account when working with mirrors in retail stores.


While there is extremely brittle glass on the market, not all mirror displays and shelving break easily. Reputable businesses like Felbro Displays manufacture high-grade, safe panels that can withstand higher stresses and loads.

Moreover, Felbro Displays uses professional-grade tools and follows best practices in installing mirrors. We ensure the long-term safety of customers and staff who interact with our mirror retail fixtures.


Make sure to use appropriate lighting in conjunction with mirrors. When combined, these two elements can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your retail shop and create an illusion of depth.

There are many lighting solutions you can choose from such as spotlights, wall lights, LED strips, and pendant lights. You can even attach neon signage to the front of your retail store’s mirror panel. At Felbro Displays, we can help you select light fixtures that complement the mirrors you want to install.


Maximize the reflective properties of each mirror through strategic product placement and use the mirrors to showcase your selection of products. Each case that houses your popular merchandise and new additions to your inventory could contain a mirror to show off the products at every angle.

Moreover, you should put larger mirrors behind the best and most intriguing items. If you sell clothes, you can put them next to mannequins so that the mirrors can better accentuate their design.

Why Are Mirrors a Great Addition to a Retail Store?

Mirrors offer many benefits that can help retailers bring customer satisfaction and generate high sales volume.

They Make Your Store Look Bigger

If you operate a small retail store, mirror reflections can create the illusion of spaciousness. This prevents your shop from feeling claustrophobic. Additionally, mirrors make the store’s overall aesthetic more modern and inviting. Mirrors also might give you leave to put furniture in your store without it looking too cramped.

Mirrors Attract Customers

Mirrors can draw customers toward your store. With your well-placed mirrors, customers can easily see how your display accessories and other merchandise will look on them. This can encourage them to buy your products. The added convenience of being able to see products can improve the shopping experience and keep customers coming back.

Furthermore, customers can use mirrors to take pictures of themselves while wearing your products. Combined with the power of social media, these pictures can serve as marketing materials that can help your store attract more shoppers.

They Make Your Products Stand Out

If you want your target clientele to notice your products, use mirrors. Jewelry, shoes, watches, purses and other accessories can look fancier and bigger when placed on a mirrored surface or mirrored display cage. Further, mirrors allow your customers to view your garment or jewelry displays from multiple angles.

Mirrors Make Your Store Look Clean

A dirty and cluttered retail store can negatively impact your company brand and dissuade potential customers. The illusion of depth that mirror installations create can make your store look tidy and organized. Large mirrors can also take your customer’s attention away from unattractive areas of your store like exposed wiring and dark corners.

Why Should You Hire a Professional to Install Your Mirrors, Displays, and Fixtures?

While you can attempt to install mirror fixtures and glass displays yourself, it is advisable to hire professionals, like those from Felbro Displays, to get the best results.

Access to Necessary Tools and Supplies

Professionals don’t use substandard tools, materials, and racks when installing mirrors. At Felbro Displays, we use state-of-the-art equipment in designing, manufacturing, and installing retail displays.

Our tools give us world-class display engineering and electronic integration capabilities. Moreover, we have a huge selection of premium metal, wood, plastic, and glass materials in stock. These allow us to build a wide range of robust mirror fixtures and supplemental products like digital signage and sign holders.

Industry Experience

Aside from packing the right tools and supplies, professionals also have extensive industry experience. Felbro Displays has been in the business of designing and manufacturing top-tier mirrors, fixtures, and displays for over 75 years. All the knowledge we have is passed down to our expert mirror designers and installers. You don’t have to worry about receiving subpar or defective results if you hire our team of professionals.

Installation Safety

Mirrors are delicate and necessitate an equally delicate installation process. An amateur installer can not only break the mirror, but also might injure themselves. To avoid wasting materials and unnecessary accidents, hire professionals.

At Felbro Displays, each member of our team receives extensive training and protective equipment. This enables them to carry out mirror installation projects successfully, quickly, and safely.

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There are several things to consider if you plan on attaching mirrors, fixtures, and displays in your retail store. However, these attachments can offer many benefits, ranging from increased store appeal to enhanced merchandise promotion.

If you are searching for the best retail store mirror designer and installer, look no further than Felbro Displays. Give us a call at (925) 586-6244 or request a quote online.