retail display implementation

What sets FELBRO Displays apart from other companies within our space is the attention we give to our production process.

We do more than create displays that turn heads and drive sales. We approach the creation of eye-catching retail displays with an eye for detail and technical precision. For this reason, we’ve made design and engineering part of our capabilities.

With our design and engineering capacity, we’ve not only impressed our clients’ customers with our visual merchandising products but also optimized every aspect of retail display creation for the visual merchandising strategy of every client.

Our design and engineering capabilities also enable us to create retail displays that last longer, even with minimal material inputs. As a result, we’ve made retail display creation more efficient and effective for visual merchandisers.

Learn more about the importance of design and engineering in retail display production. Also, read on to the end to see what kinds of displays we can bring to life.

Why Does Implementing a Display Need Engineering and Expertise?

There’s more to effective visual merchandising than creating displays that leave a lasting impression on customers. While the aesthetic benefits conferred by retail product displays are undeniable, there are other advantages to visual merchandising beyond what the eyes can see.

Here are some of the most important reasons why engineering and expertise are critical to an effective and functional display.

Health and Safety

Displays like freestanding displays and interactive LED displays can draw attention to products in stores. However, in an open space, these assets can turn into liabilities with poor design.

Designed without structural integrity and material durability in mind, product displays can cause harm in a retail store.

Engineering and design can prevent accidents from occurring. Engineers can fine-tune product displays to match retail store settings and customer traffic. As a result, the displays will encourage customers to purchase products and protect them.


Design ties together all of the important elements of effective visual merchandising. With experts working on a display’s function and appearance, retail displays can do what they’re meant to do in sync with the environment and crowd of the retail space.

Experts Well-Trained in Visual Merchandising

Our visual merchandising experts know something about creating visually appealing displays that attract customers. Our experts know the principles behind effective product display production and branding and put these principles into practice to create displays that showcase products in stores.

Creating Product Displays Consists of Building With Heavy Materials

Indeed, a small team can handle creating window displays or smaller free-standing displays. However, a retail business with lofty ambitions may want its products and offerings to pop.

Smaller displays may not be up to promote products on a larger scale. When larger displays are necessary, display creation will require heavier materials and steel frames, which is where engineering comes into play.

Engineering teams can streamline the building of larger displays. With the expertise of a design and engineering team, displays will be more durable and safe.

Most importantly, engineers can create product displays with the least materials. The result is an effective visual merchandising strategy that’s efficient on time and costs.

Display Teams Know How to Make Your Product Stand Out

Engineers ensure that your displays stay erect, safe, and in place for a long time. Display teams handle the aesthetics of your retail displays.

A display team takes advantage of every characteristic of a brick-and-mortar retail store. Display experts use everything from the store’s accent lighting to the unique store layout to display products in a way that makes them stand out.

Display experts can also guide customers as they create a focal point for your store’s main promotions.

As a result, traffic to your store will increase to display teams behind your displays’ designs, and our product sales will also increase.

What Kind of Designs Can Engineers Do?

Engineers can design various retail displays for any physical store. Designed by our engineering team, each type of display can showcase products in a way that draws customers in.

Here are some of the in-store marketing products and product displays our engineers can create for your store.

Retail Display Implementation

Not all stores are the same. For this reason, engineers and designers develop display implementation plans tailored to a store’s unique layout and customer base.

We assess, plan, and design to create the right display for each product in stores to draw customers and develop your brand’s image.

Visual Merchandising

An effective visual merchandising strategy can decide between an empty retail space and more people at the checkout counter. With the right strategy in place, engineers can give life to product displays that have a unifying theme and massive aesthetic appeal for customers.

Window Displays

A window display should entice shoppers to enter the store. Our engineers can design and create window displays that attract shoppers and curious passersby.

Store Shelving Displays

Store shelving displays are excellent ways to present products in-store. Also, shelving displays can encourage people to touch products — a major component of the customer experience.

Retail Product Displays

Product displays come in all shapes, sizes, color schemes, and specifications. Whatever your business needs to make your offerings pop, we’ve got the right displays.

Traditional Store Shelf

Nothing beats a classic store shelf. However, we can add your twist to showcase your product and brand to put you ahead of other stores.

Display Tables

Some of your products may need more hype behind them. One way to make them generate in-store buzz is with display tables that allow customers to see and touch your products.

Clothing Display and Garment Racks

Clothing is a product that can only be promoted visually. Promote your apparel offerings with clothing displays that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

With cross-merchandising, your displays and racks will show your customers how to piece an outfit together using your clothing products.

Standalone Displays

For a technical twist, go with standalone displays. Standalone displays are especially eye-catching for customers who desire a more immersive experience.

POP Displays

Do you have more space for product displays? If you do, invest in a POP display.

POP displays show off your products in convenient parts of your store to encourage people to make impulse buys. And, of course, POP displays make your products pop.

What Kind of Companies and Businesses Can Have This?

Any business can benefit from engineering and design in retail displays. Small businesses will need added design and visual merchandising tips as they build their brands.

Also, large businesses and retailers can use their in-store marketing budgets to create displays that bolster brand recognition better than any signage.

Overall, for any business, engineered displays can improve customer experiences, develop a brand, streamline merchandising decisions, and, most importantly, increase sales.

What Are Some Examples?

Indeed, displays can serve their purpose without much fine-tuning. Nonetheless, having an engineer tweak retail display designs can give your products and your store a visually appealing edge.

Also, the improved design enables your displays to stay intact, so you won’t have to worry about replacing or repairing your displays or merchandise.

All in all, engineering and design bring function and aesthetics together in a product display.

Here are some examples of how engineers make impressive displays possible with their expertise:

  • Shoe stand: Shoes can stand out better when displays showcase each shoe individually. This will require individual modular shelves that may be removed or replaced. Manufacturing these modular shoe stand shelves is made more efficient by the production expertise of engineers.
  • Clothing Stand: Clothing stands improve in appearance and capacity with engineers on board the design and manufacturing process. Engineers can prescribe specifications that can withstand the weight of various articles of clothing. As a result, clothing stands last longer and require little to no replacement.
  • Selling Perfume on a Stand or Table: Tables and stands for perfume must be sturdy enough to hold several perfume bottles. However, at the same time, the tables or stands shouldn’t take up too much space so as not to impede traffic. Engineers can strike the ideal balance between sturdiness and compactness to create perfume displays that hold several perfume bottles without compromising store space.
  • Light Stand: Light stands can add accent lighting to a product. They’re useful for showcasing big-ticket items like new electronics and cars. Light stands draw the eyes of customers to products without taking up too much space, but their compactness makes them susceptible to falling. Engineers are experts at creating safe stands and displays. With their expertise, they can identify which materials will make for durable light stands. This ensures that the stands don’t require frequent upkeep and can be available for future promotions. Also, engineers can create alternative lighting stands if conventional stands aren’t advisable. As a result, the stands can still highlight promoted products without compromising safety.
  • Make-up Displays: Make-up is a small item. For this reason, there may be better options than displaying it on shelves, as over-saturation can overwhelm customers with choices. Engineers and designers can produce make-up displays that can reduce buyer friction. The reduced buyer friction results from your displays showing make-up in small batches, prompting a quicker purchase from a customer.

Engineers Taking a Design Concept and Idea to Reality

Engineers can create displays that take your product sales to the next level. They do this by planning and incorporating your input so each display shows your product and brand.

At FELBRO Displays, we take in-store marketing seriously as we approach retail displays with an engineer’s mindset.

If you have a concept that you would like to be turned into reality, feel free to give us a call.

Reach us at (800) 7-FELBRO.